The French revolution was perhaps the biggest European media event. The massive dissemination of anti-conservative philosophy, feminist propaganda, and a thorough resection of traditional political framework was done through a widespread media frenzy. And these liberal ideals were tackled by equally powerful use of media by the conservative Marat. His dream of seeing Robespierre as dictator and his use of his paper ‘Mother Duchesne’ to propagate an anti-feminist viewpoint to keep the woman bound to her traditional role of wife and mother are what he is still remembered for.

An invisible veil has long split the global space in two. In terms of the Orient it is a civilizational split constituting Darul Islam, the land of knowledge and Darul gharb, the land of ignorance.

In lingo of the Occident, this serves as an equator to divide the world into the East and the West. The us and them. Naturally, just as the equator is not a material line, but one of astronomical and geographical importance, these civilizational lines are not material either; they are psychological, historical, spiritual, and philosophical.

But would it be apt to presume that the constitutional…

A picture from the Aurat March (Women’s march) held on March 2020 as a protest against patriarchal norms in the country

Since the current socio-political scenario in Pakistan is hot with the demand to complete the wave of Feminist protests which were left (almost) incomplete due to backlash from conservatives in March this year, I want to underline a few implications of the trending Aurat March (Women’s March) now taking over social media. In solidarity with the tragedy that occurred on the Lahore Motorway; the gang rape of a woman before her children, many women and some men took to the streets once again holding placards, but this time the texts were slightly different.

Were all those protesters united on the…

Acrylics truly are a whole new world in art, at least for me they were a bit difficult, unalterable, less forgiving of mistakes…

I’ll be honest, I have been working with graphite for nearly thirteen years now, and I have done two oil portraits before so I have a fairly good idea about light and shade. However, acrylics turned out to be a completely different medium:

  • They dry out too quickly
  • The colors might alter (somewhat) post drying
  • They clump too fast on the brush

BUT…they have one HUGE pro (among minor others):

  • They are water soluble so way too…

(‘The son of Odin’ acrylic on board, Komal Mahmood)

Brewing with metaphysical questions and the search for the concept of God is Michael Hirst’s production 'Vikings’, starring Travis Fimmel, Katheryn Winnick, Clive Standen, and Alexander Ludwig as the leading northmen. But the show has a lot more to offer than just a well suited cast.

Based loosely on the beloved Norse classic 'The saga of Ragnar Lodbrok’, the show is led by the eponymous Ragnar through his quest for betterment of the lot of his people. …

Komal Mahmood

Philosophy and History Geek, Literature Freak, Sophrosyne

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